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CFA 7210 : Advanced Painting Studio
Not in use post merger.
Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Corcoran School of the Arts and Design (CCAD)
Painting Studio
Painting Studio
Summer 2017
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Studio Course
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Letter Grade



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Students in this course will begin a cohesive body of work or fully develop one in progress. They will fine-tune image making skills on work with live models, projected images, or special projects, with emphasis on professional execution. Using The Secret Formulas and Techniques of the Masters students will learn how to use Maroger Medium also known as Miracle Medium, history suggests that Van Eyck made the first oil painting medium, Rubens, Vermeer, and others helped to perfect it. Additionally, students will explore imprimatura, underpainting and glazing, mixing and drying properties, opacities and characteristics of colors and media, and the production of effects with different brushes and painting tools. Finally, they will perfect techniques and adapt them to vision in forming expressive strategies in oil or acrylics. For all skill levels, but some drawing is recommended. A few beginning and intermediate flourish with the Advanced students. Beginning students should register for CPT 3200 and advanced students may register for CPT 4200 if they have previously completed CPT 3200.

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