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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Corcoran School of the Arts and Design (CCAD)
Academic Painting
Academic Painting
Summer 2017
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Studio Course
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Permission from the Continuing Education Advisor or previous enrollment in any Academic Drawing or Painting class at the Corcoran, including, but not limited to: CDR 0810 Academic Drawing Workshop, CDR 1220 Academic Drawing, CDR 1310 Acasdemic Figure Drawing, CPT 0810 Academic Painting Workshop, CPT 1210 Academic Painting, or CPT 2310 Academic Portrait Painting

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This course is based on the approach used by the European art academies. The class will consist of several long-term assignments such as still life, portrait, and figure, and include thorough drawing. Students will learn to see specific realistic images as a set of abstract shapes, and to see tonal values and colors in relation to the whole rather than to the neighboring areas. Another important topic will be the study of specifics of oil paint as a material.

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