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College of Professional Studies
College of Professional Studies (CPS)
Capstone Research Project
Capstone Research Project
Fall 2016
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PSPR 6201, PSPR 6202, PSPR 6203, PSPR 6204, PSPR 6205 and PSPR 6206

Lawrence J. Parnell
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Culminating experience for students in the master’s in strategic public relations program. Students use skills and knowledge learned in the program to prepare an in-depth case study on a recent major public relations case or crisis.
Course Learning Objectives Through the research and preparation of a comprehensive, strategic communications plan or in preparing a case study, the student will demonstrate their grasp of the fundamentals of strategic planning, advanced communications theory and tactical communications in a real world situation. In so doing, the student will meet the following objectives: 1. Apply strategic planning in a communications plan or case study 2. Demonstrate familiarity with the use of state of the art public relations strategies and tactics to achieve an organizational objective. 3. Design measurement strategies and a budget framework to demonstrate progress and ROI of communications activity 4. Prepare a professional grade case study or communications plan

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