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CPR 3311 : Screenprinting for Digital Media
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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Corcoran School of the Arts and Design (CCAD)
Screenprinting for Digital Media
Screenprinting for Digital Med
Fall 2017
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Studio Course
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The combination of traditional printmaking processes and digital techniques will be explored. Students will learn how to produce limited-edition fine art prints and/or posters for graphic projects. They will also develop conceptual and technical skills for the creation of digitally-based work. Artwork will be generated on the computer and in combination with drawing, painting, and/or photography. Film positives for screenprinting will be printed directly from the computer as multilayered, duotone, or four-color process separations. Images will then be transferred to a screen using a photo emulsion process. The latest techniques for screenprinting will be demonstrated using water-based inks on archival papers as well as alternative materials. At times this course may be cross-tallied at the undergraduate level as CPR 3311 and at the graduate level as CPR 5311. Students seeking graduate credit will be required to do additional work including a research paper and formal presentation of their work and ideas to the general class.

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