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Thesis Travel Project
Thesis Travel Project
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This course provides structured support for New Media Photojournalism students undertaking thesis projects involving travel outside of the Washington, D.C. metro area. To be eligible to for this course students must have successfully completed the first year (24 credits) of the NMPJ curriculum and be on schedule to graduate and in good academic standing overall as outlined in the Student Handbook. Prior to enrolling in the course a thesis topic, proposal and budget must be approved by the program director and thesis project coach. Once approved and enrolled, the student will work with an assigned faculty member to develop a Work Plan and Outcomes document in order to define the pace and content of work, schedule of deadlines and expected outcomes. This plan must be approved by the program director. Students will undergo a minimum of three substantial reviews of work over the course of the semester in addition to a regular schedule of feedback as defined in the project Work Plan and Outcomes document. Students are expected to work independently and meet all deadlines for the course as well as thesis production, post-production, exhibition and defense over the course of the academic year. Expenses incurred for travel and submitting deadline materials to faculty before critiques are the responsibility of the student. As with all second-year NMPJ students, those enrolled in Thesis Travel Project are required to participate in Departmental Reviews at the end of the semester as scheduled. Program Director Approval RequiredThis course is offered at 3 and 6 credits. Credit value will be determined based upon the scope and content of the course as outlined in the Work Plan and Outcomes document.

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