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El Salvador Studio: International Experience/Transnational Identity
El Salvador Studio: Internatio
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With some two million Salvadorans living in the U.S.-500,000 of them in the greater Washington, D.C., area-the people of El Salvador offer a lens into issues of migration and cultural identity that are central to much contemporary art and photography. El Salvador: International Experience/Transnational Identity, a seminar/studio and study-away course peers into this lens. Through readings, guest speakers, documentaries, first-hand experiences, interviewing artists and the study of an important art collection of Salvadoran art, students learn about the history and culture of El Salvador and its diaspora communities in the U.S., become mentors and ambassadors of culture, and probe the artist's role in the mediation of one's sense of self and place in a global/local context.During the seminar, students develop research and interviewing skills and learn to work collaboratively. With the assistance of the Corcoran's Public Education department, and in partnership with Salvadoran students and cultural figures, students will help develop an interdisciplinary outreach program to be used in schools and museums in Washington DC and in El Salvador that links art to contemporary life. Open to juniors and seniors, as well as graduate students from all Corcoran programs. Pre-requisite for CPH 3401 El Salvador/Travel: International Experience/Transnational Identity.

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