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Making Meaning: Narrative and the Art of the Photography Book
Making Meaning: Narrative and
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This advanced studio-based seminar engages with the traditions and practices of the photographic book to examine and explore narrative strategies useful to today's artists/photographers. Through close readings of such classic 20th century book works as Walker Evans's <i>American Photographs</i>, Wright Morris's <i>The Inhabitants</i>, Robert Frank's <i>The Americans</i>, Ralph Gibson's <i>The Somnabulist</i> and <i>Déjà Vu</i>, Larry Clark's <i>Tulsa</i>, Joel Sternfeld's <i>American Prospects</i>, and Alex Soth's <i>Sleeping by the Mississippi</i>, students will gain insight into ways of structuring their own photographic projects. On completion of the course, students will be expected to have sequenced and produced a book-length collection of their own photographs, in consultation with the instructor. This course can be taken as a substitute for CPH 3120, Junior Seminar. Former name: The Photo Book

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