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CPH 4091 : Photography Thesis II

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CPH 4120 : Photography/Photojournalism Seminar II
Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Corcoran School of the Arts and Design (CCAD)
Photography Thesis I
Photography Thesis I
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Studio Course
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Letter Grade

CPH 3091 Photography Studio IV

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As a complement to Senior Seminar, Senior Thesis Studio emphasizes process and practice in the development of a senior thesis project. The work evolves from a studio and seminar atmosphere that stresses individual and group critiques, as well as readings and discussions. Students are responsible for planning and executing a final thesis exhibition that meets professional standards and pushes their visual language and conceptual development. Various modes of presentation are discussed and demonstrated. During the fall semester, students exhibit their work-in-progress (White Walls Gallery) and participate in a critique with other Corcoran faculty. The work-in-progress critique at the end of the fall semester represents a pivotal moment in the development of the thesis exhibition and will be judged accordingly by the Studio faculty. Additionally, students will present and defend their work in the Photography Department's Departmental Review, in preparation for their exhibition during the spring semester.

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