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Graduate School of Education and Human Development
Curriculum and Pedagogy (CPED)
Second Language Acquisition
Second Language Acquisition
Summer 2017
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The nature of first and second language acquisition and development; social, psychological, and linguistic factors affecting language acquisition; implications of language acquisition research and theory on English and foreign language classroom instruction.
By the end of this course, students will have achieved skills related to the following competencies which are aligned with the standards established by NCATE/TESOL and which reflect knowledge and skills in three of the NCATE/TESOL domains: Domain 1—Language as a System and Domain 3—Planning, Implementing, and Managing Instruction. The course addresses ACTFL Standard 3a: Understanding Language Acquisition and Creating a Supportive Classroom by examining and comparing major second language acquisition theoretical issues and research findings and applications for the second/foreign language classroom. The following are the learning outcomes aligned to the NCATE/TESOL Domains and the ACTFL Standards. Candidates will: NCATE/TESOL Domain 1 – Language as a System ACTFL STANDARD 3: Language Acquisition Theories and Knowledge of Students and Their Needs 1. Describe second language acquisition processes and how they affect learning. 2. Identify factors that have been theorized to affect second language development. 3. Evaluate factors that influenced personal experience learning a second language. 4. Explain the language development of a language learner based on systematic investigations and relate findings to research on second language learning. NCATE/TESOL Domain 3 – Planning, Implementing, and Managing Instruction ACTFL STANDARD 4: Integration of Standards in Planning and Instruction 5. Develop classroom applications for language acquisition theories.
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