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Graduate School of Education and Human Development
Curriculum and Pedagogy (CPED)
Second Language Instructional Methods
Second Lang Instructional Meth
Fall 2017
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CPED 6507 and CPED 6606


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Knowledge and skills related to the instruction and assessment of language students in English and foreign language settings; past second language teaching methods, contemporary instructional approaches and materials, and other considerations in developing academic and social language proficiency. Requires field experience in a classroom. Materials fee.
By the end of this course, teachers will have achieved skills aligned with the standards established by NCATE/TESOL (ESL concentration) and NCATE/ACTFL (FL concentration). The following learning outcomes are aligned to the domains and standards in the NCATE/TESOL and NCATE/ACTFL requirements. Candidates will: NCATE/TESOL Domain 3: Planning, Implementing, and Managing Instruction ACTFL STANDARD 4: Integration of Standards in Planning and Instruction 1. Plan and demonstrate lessons differentiated for students’ linguistic and cultural needs. 2. Discuss theoretical principals, research, and issues in language instruction for students. 3. Make connections among theoretical principles, instructional practices, and student profiles 4. Create a standards-based unit that integrates content subject areas and fosters academic language development 5. Develop skills in using technology in language learning and teaching. NCATE/TESOL Domain 4: Assessment ACTFL STANDARD 5: Assessment of Languages and Cultures – Impact on Student Learning 6. Evaluate standards-based instructional and assessment materials designed for language students. 7. Design or adapt instruction or assessments to differentiate based on language and cultural needs. NCATE/TESOL Domain 5: Professionalism 8. Critique popular historical language teaching methods and apply evolution of field to instructional decisions.
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