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Graduate School of Education and Human Development
Counseling (CNSL)
Practicum in Research
Practicum in Research
Summer 2017
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Critical approach to reading research; practical experience in applied research design; integration of theoretical, research, and applied elements of the profession of counseling.
Students will be able to demonstrate:
1. The ability to formulate research questions appropriate for professional research and publication.
2. The ability to create research designs appropriate to quantitative and qualitative research questions.
3. Professional writing skills necessary for journal and newsletter publication.
4. The ability to develop and submit a program proposal for presentation at state, regional, or national counseling conferences.
5. The ability to write grant proposals appropriate for research, program enhancement, and/or program development.
6. The ability to create and implement a program evaluation design

CNSL 8961 is the forum where previous course work in the knowledge and skill areas mentioned above can be practically applied through mentorship with an assigned faculty member.
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