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Graduate School of Education and Human Development
Curriculum and Pedagogy (CPED)
Teaching Second Language Reading and Writing
Teaching 2nd Lang Read/Writng
Summer 2016
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Literacy development for language learners; theories of literacy development in a second or foreign language, strengths and needs of language learners, reading and writing instructional strategies for language and content classrooms. Appropriate for students interested in teaching ESL, foreign languages, or content areas in elementary or secondary schools. Materials fee.
By the end of this course, students will have achieved skills aligned with the standards established by NCATE/TESOL (ESL concentration) and NCATE/ACTFL (FL concentration). The following learning outcomes are aligned to the domains and standards in the NCATE/TESOL and NCATE/ACTFL requirements. The candidate will: NCATE/TESOL Domain 3—Planning, Implementing, and Managing Instruction 1. Discuss current issues in reading and writing as they apply to ELL students. 2. Plan instructional activities for language students that integrate academic reading and writing into content instruction. 3. Demonstrate a reading or writing strategy that builds language learners’ literacy. 4. Identify and analyze texts and materials to use in reading. NCATE/TESOL Domain 4—Assessment & ACTFL STANDARD 5: Assessment of Languages and Cultures 5. Develop and/or implement diagnostic and or achievement tests for literacy. 6. Discuss issues in reading and writing assessment as they apply to ELL students. NCATE/TESOL Domain 5: Professionalism 7. Create and present a presentation on a special topic that is appropriate for professional conferences.
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