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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Smart Power Grids
Smart Power Grids
Fall 2017
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Probability theory; basic power market reliability modeling and evaluation; generation supply reliability techniques, modeling and evaluation; reliability of transmission system and delivery of supply; loss of load probability evaluation; forced and maintenance outages and impact on system reliability; load forecasting and probability of interconnected systems; risk evaluation in power system operation; operating reserve techniques and indices; distribution system reliability including substations; composite system reliability modeling; reliability worth and value.
• describe different components of a power system and their role in power delivery,
• describe different communication techniques/media used in power systems,
• analyze power system collected data and perform state estimation,
• evaluate different demand response approaches and compare their merits/drawbacks,
• explain the concept of microgrids,
• describe the issues related to the integration of renewable energy resources,
• design control systems for distributed energy resources with different objectives, and
• analyze a power system with high adoption rate of EVs and identify bottlenecks.
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