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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Art/Art History (AH)
American Art in the Age of Revolution
American Art, 1750--1825
Fall 2017
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AMST 3151 - American Art in the Age of Revolution



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AMST 3151 - American Art in the Age of Revolution
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American art during the eighteenth century “consumer revolution,” the American War for Independence, and the early republic. Emphasis on the socioeconomic and political purposes of art, with focus on Enlightenment symbolism and the visualization of national identity.
Learning Objectives: • Students will acquire knowledge of historical developments in American painting, sculpture and printmaking and their relationship to other aspects of American visual and material culture during the period 1750-1825. • Students will read scholarly texts, art criticism and primary source documents to develop art historical techniques for visually analyzing artworks and for interpreting their compositional, narrative, formal, expressive properties in relation to political, cultural and socio-economic history and issues of race, class, gender, nationality and religion. • Students will develop writing skills for communicating critical ideas and the ways in which the visual arts historically have produced varied critical/interpretive responses in America during the eighteenth century and revolutionary era of the early republic.
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