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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
Academic Communication
Academic Communication
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international students



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Develops international students' oral academic English skills to prepare them for success in U.S. higher educational settings. Focus on listening and note-taking, leading and participating in class discussions, managing a variety of authentic academic literacy tasks, and delivering presentations. Additional emphasis on developing multi-literacy through intercultural, multimedia, and visual communication.
By participating fully in all activities and assignments, students will be able to: • Navigate GW’s campus and access resources; • Understand American classroom culture and prepare to interact with peers and professors in academic settings; • Analyze communicative contexts to evaluate which methods and modes of communication are most appropriate for the audience and setting; • Expand and flexibly use communicative vocabulary and structures in both everyday and academic interactions; • Upgrade academic listening and note-taking skills; • Learn to take a leadership role in class discussions and projects; • Prepare and deliver both informal and formal presentations that align with disciplinary expectations in their program of study; • Evaluate and develop expertise in using multimedia communication formats; • Participate in a supportive network of peer critique and feedback to improve oral English proficiency.
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