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CID 7200 : Advanced Lighting Applications

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CID 3100 : Interior Lighting Design
Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Corcoran School of the Arts and Design (CCAD)
Interior Lighting Design
Interior Lighting Design
Course Type
Studio Course
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Letter Grade

CID 1000 Introduction to Interior Design, or permission of Department Chair

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This course provides an introduction to the effects of light on interior space, as well as to various lighting products and lighting systems. Students will learn about the lighting challenges for interior spaces and how to effectively meet them. The course teaches the basics of lighting layout, lighting terminology, and the lighting designer's role in the interior design process. Within the studio structure, students are expected to produce a complete lighting package, including a fixture schedule and reflected ceiling plan. The textbook will be necessary for the first class. "Interior Lighting for Designers" by Gary Gordon and Jim Nuckolls. Either the 3rd or 4th Edition are fine. At times this course may be cross-tallied at the undergraduate level as CID 3100. Students wishing to pursue undergraduate credit should register for the undergraduate section. This course is only offered during the Fall semester.

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