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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Corcoran School of the Arts and Design (CCAD)
Interior Design Internship
Interior Design Internship
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Field Work (Internship)
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Internships can help students develop marketable skills, establish professional contacts, and explore different career options. A good internship should offerthe student career-related experience in a setting where the student may learnabout professional practice in their field. While some administrative tasks arenecessary, these should be minimal with most of the work focusing on skillbuildingor educational opportunities. Continuing Education students are noteligible to receive credit for internships.Students are responsible for locating and securing individual internships, withthe assistance and approval of their department chair. To receive credit foran internship, the student needs to complete an internship contract and theappropriate registration form. The internship contract is the agreement betweenthe internship provider, the Corcoran, and the student; all three must be signed.Undergraduate StudentsTo be eligible to earn academic credit for an internship, students must havecompleted their Foundation Year or have earned equivalent credits (30).While students are free to do multiple internships while enrolled at the Corcoran,students cannot take more than one internship per semester. A 45-60 hour internship is equivalent to 1.5 credits and a 90-120 hour internship isequivalent to 3 credits.The student must receive signed approval from his or her department chairbefore he or she will be allowed to register for internship credit. The departmentchair's signature must appear on both the contract and the registration form orthe internship registration will not be processed. The contract must be turned into the Office of Student Affairs before the internship start date. The registrationor add/drop form must be submitted to the Registrar's Office before the add/drop deadline of the semester the student is seeking credit. Late contracts willnot be accepted and credit will not be given.In order to receive a grade for the internship the student is required to submita mid-semester evaluation and final evaluation of the internship experience.The internship provider is required to submit a final evaluation of the student'sperformance with a recommendation for a grade (pass/fail) no later than 10working days prior to the end of the semester. The student's department chair is responsible for reviewing the student and employer evaluations andsubmitting the final grade to the Registrar's Office.

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