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Wear, Strut, Occupy
Wear, Strut, Occupy
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Explore notions of costuming, fashion, sculpture, performance, and wearer/performer. Our reasons to wear anything are varied and manifold: to conceal, reveal camouflage or disguise; for protection or to project power or threat; for the purpose of modesty or exhibitionism; to communicate an idea or establish identity, to enhance or impede movement, to express beauty, to impress or to shock. This course approaches the broadest possible definition of clothing and adornment as a vehicle to explore the relationship between the individual, the material and the environment. For their projects students may make use of traditional construction materials, methods and processes, such as patternmaking and sewing, but also can consider manipulating metal, wood, plastics, found objects, and natural materials.Graduate students identify and research a topic related to the course material, and present their research to the class and any other intested parties. They also submit written and visual support for their research for review. Graduate students will adhere to level-appropriate standards regarding content, execution, and finish of their projects.

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