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Graduate School of Education and Human Development
Curriculum and Pedagogy (CPED)
Seminar in Research in Curriculum and Instruction II
Seminar Research Curr&Instr II
Spring 2017
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Students develop research skills in curriculum and instruction; create an individual, unique, and focused research study that is feasible for a doctoral student to accomplish; and learn skills and strategies for writing a research proposal.
Nature of Research
• Students will know the NRC Guiding Principles for Scientific Inquiry as they apply to Education
• Students will evaluate a variety of research for quality based on the NRC framework; articles, proposals, dissertations, etc.
Proposal Development
• Students will develop a proposal through a series of single-spaced drafts with feedback (2-page, 5-page, 15-page)
• Students will participate in writers’ workshops/proposal reviews by (a) submitting their proposal for review, (b) preparing for each peer proposal review by careful reading, editing, constructive discussion, and (c) leading one workshop
• Students will consult with their primary advisor (or dissertation chair) about the proposal throughout the course.
• Students will prepare a presentation of their proposed research and present it to an audience.
Proposal Procedures
• Students will know the policies and procedures for dissertation research in GSEHD and C&I Doctoral Program.
• Students will learn and use APA style
• Students will understand the function of IRB and prepare IRB documents, or discuss the anticipated preparation
• Complete CITI training

Engage A Research Network

• Students will join a professional research organization in their field and read current journals and plan to attend a meeting/conference.
• Students will lead research seminars to delve deeply into the targeted material, designed to involve all class members in a non-superficial way with the fundamental ideas in the targeted material.
• Students will help establish and maintain a research learning community that is critical (gives honest feedback intended to improve others' work), supportive, open, and generous.
• Students will attend an important RESEARCH conference in their respective fields.
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