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Graduate School of Education and Human Development
Curriculum and Pedagogy (CPED)
Seminar in Research in Curriculum and Instruction I
Seminar Research Curr.&Inst. I
Spring 2017
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Models of curriculum and instruction research spanning a variety of methodologies.
Course Objectives

 Students will better conceive of themselves as education researchers, understanding in part how to utilize their past and present experiences to support their research;
 Students will learn to use language(s) that frames education research
 Students will become familiar with various modes of inquiry
 Students will understand there is a range of possible research, including research on teachers, teaching, communities, students, schools, curriculum, and learning;
 Students will unpack the research designs represented in course texts;
 Students will gain an understanding of the breadth in research designs and will therefore be able to better identify research methodologies to pursue advanced level research courses;
 Students will begin to conceptualize research questions that they might begin to explore;
 Students will develop a basic understanding of the existing research in their chosen field;
 Students will develop analytical reading, writing, and speaking abilities;
 Students will develop as a cohort through the yearlong course and beginning to rely on one another to critique each other’s research ideas.

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