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CFA 3091 : Fine Art Studio IV
Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Corcoran School of the Arts and Design (CCAD)
Fine Art Seminar II
Fine Art Seminar II
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Studio Course
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Fine Art Seminar II is a companion course to Fine Art Studio III, offering students an opportunity to delve deeply into the areas of conceptual investigation, historical context, materials, and processes that relate to Studio contract assignments and to the independent art making you will be engaged in this year. The Seminar will center on skills related to your work but will differ substantially from your Studio class in both content and organization. Its goal is to support your development as an artist, and to challenge you to see your work and the work of your peers in a critical way. Fine Art Seminar II sessions will be lead by one or more of the Seminar faculty team members, on a rotating basis. The content of these Seminars will vary according to the contract and may include lectures, presentations, and group activities such as written or experiential activities or group discussions that relate to and supplement the Fine Art Studio curriculum. On occasion, students will be asked to give presentations that relate to this work. Visiting artist lectures and field trips to Museums and other sites of interest will also be a major component of Seminar.

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