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San Miguel/The Cult of the Hand: Craft, Ritual and Performance
San Miguel/The Cult of the Han
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This course is offered as a full spring semester course, which includes travel to San Miguel during spring break. Please note that airfare and accomodations incur additional fees outside of the course tuition. Please contact Bob Devers,, Coordinator of Study Away programs with questions.This course is an interdisciplinary exploration, which introduces the traditions and culture of many genres of Mexican folk craft media. Through an immersion into the cultural, historical and artistic practices of these traditions, students will gain an understanding and appreciation of the diversity of cultural and artistic expressions of Mexican artisans. Students will have multiple hands-on experiences with a variety of mediums including papel-picado (cut-paper), papier-mâché, mask making, puppetry, talavera tiles and Zapotec textiles. This course will include tours of local museums, historic buildings and visits to artist's studios to experience demonstrations by local artists. The town of San Miguel will serve as the main stage for witnessing the profound confluence of art, culture and beauty that is Mexico.

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