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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Corcoran School of the Arts and Design (CCAD)
Art and Adolescents
Art and Adolescents
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CED 2000 Foundation in Art Education, or CED 5000 Graduate Art Education Core, or permission of Department

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This course starts from an understanding of the essential developmental advances of the teen years and moves to the design and implementation of a wide range of visual art experiences for young people in transition from childhood to adulthood. The class will review a variety of existing materials and formats to discover the educational approaches underlying different lessons and programs. We trace age-appropriate creative activity, social and cultural interaction, identity formation through art, the dynamics of group activity, and an increasingly divergent range of technical skill in this cohort. The course considers art education for adolescents whether in school, a museum, community programs, or increasingly, as an independent learner. This course is cross-tallied at the undergraduate level as CED 3015, and at the graduate level as CED 6015. Students enrolled for graduate credit complete additional work at an advanced level and are graded according to the Graduate Grade Standard (see Student Handbook). Offered for credit only, Continuing Education students need department approval to enroll.

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