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Introduction to Biochemical Pharmacology
Intro Biochem Pharmacology
Spring 2018
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Pass/No Pass (Fail)
students in the post-baccalaureate pre-medicine certificate program

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Yuliya Dobrydneva, PhD
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The theory of drug action; practical issues that must be addressed when translating knowledge from molecular and cellular research into drug discovery and development
Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:

1. Explain the process of drug discovery, role of FDA and process of clinical trials.
2. Define the basic concepts of pharmacophore, drug-like properties, drug metabolism and disposition.
3. Explain the basic concepts of agonists, antagonists and structure-activity relationship (SAR)
4. Define the classes of main molecular targets of drugs
5. Explain the major steps in target-based drug discovery: target identification, selection and validation.
6. Apply computer-assisted molecular modeling to the drug discovery process
7. Explain pharmaceutical properties and mode of action of main classes of supplements and nutraceuticals
No similar course is currently offered at GW.
Course Attribute

The basis of the 1 credit course is to formalize existing enrichment activities occurring outside the current HSci 3105 Biochemistry course. Presently, students complete non-credit bearing, but required, supplemental biochemistry application sessions along with their biochemistry course in the spring semester. The full time faculty member that teaches this course has developed the attached syllabus of the same caliber of our standard courses to ensure a high quality 1 credit seminar course for Spring 2018. The addition of this 1 credit course focused on the application of biochemistry is particularly important for the Post-bac Pre-med Program in preparation for the newly revised MCAT
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