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Viewing: ECE 6150 : Design of Interconnection Networks for Parallel Computer Architectures

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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Design of Interconnection Networks for Parallel Computer Architectures
Design InterCon Networks
Fall 2017
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Letter Grade
SEAS Graduate Students
ECE 6005 or equivalent course
Students in this course should have taken a prior course in computer organization or computer architecture

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Every Year
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The course is intended to provide students with an in-depth study and fundamental design principles of interconnection networks for parallel computing architectures including Network-on-Chips for multicores & Chip Multiprocessors (CMPs), interconnection networks for multiprocessors, multi-computers, and datacenters. Topics include interconnect topologies; routing protocols & algorithms; switching techniques; flow control protocols; router design; modeling and simulation tools; interconnect reliability, scalability, and security; and emerging technologies for interconnects (Optical, Wireless, Radio Frequency). The material covered in this course bridges the gap between courses such as VLSI, parallel computer architecture, high-performance computing, and computer networks.
As a result of completing this course, students will be able to:
1- Ability to understand established and emerging parallel computing architectures and appreciate the communication requirements of these architectures
2- Ability to understand the working of interconnection networks at on-chip and off-chip levels
3- Ability to understand techniques for designing various network/interconnect topologies
4- Ability to understand various switching, routing, and flow techniques for interconnection networks
5- Ability to understand the inner-working of the router microarchitecture and its physical implementation
6- Ability to understand cutting edge research and technical papers in the field
7- Ability to evaluate emerging technologies for implementing future interconnection network and parallel computing systems
8- Ability to critically read and understand research papers and conduct research
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