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IA 6400 : Studio 4 Graduate
Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Interior Architecture (IA)
Studio 3 Graduate
Studio 3 Graduate
Fall 2017
Course Type
Studio Course
Default Grading Method
Letter Grade
graduate IA majors
IA 6200


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Continued exploration of the design process as applied to medium scale projects.
At the completion of this course, the student’s full participation will enable them to:

1. Apply the principles and elements of design in two and three dimensions through project design (ordering principles)
2. Generate a basic design concept for a project and examine spatial concepts (schematic design)
3. Demonstrate extensive knowledge regarding building codes and accessibility guidelines (ADA)
4. Evaluate furniture, finish, material selection, and compare commercial space uses.
5. Reinforce the critical need for research, observation and development of listening skills.
6. Analyze and synthesize retail and commercial space design –including metal frame construction.
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