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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Interior Architecture (IA)
Graphic Communications
Graphic Communications
Fall 2017
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Concepts and techniques used successfully in communicating design; graphic design principles, including hierarchy, emphasis, balance, rhythm and contrast, tools used in creating two-dimensional communication ideas; image creation, logo design and branding, rendering, basic layouts, three-dimensional modeling, printed and digital presentation skills.
1. Develop an individual aesthetic, a creative point of view, and a conceptual program for the project.
2. Communicate and expand upon the design and expression vocabulary, within the language of architecture and design.
3. Experiment with a variety of digital media and to develop confidence in expressing design.
4. Comprehend basic techniques in digital rendering, modeling, layout and presentation.
5. Develop an attitude of critical and orderly thinking in solving visual communication challenges and the discipline necessary to produce a quality finished product within the given time period.
6. Discover solutions that address a blend of abstract, unconventional as well as classic design challenges.
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