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College of Professional Studies
Professional Studies-Publishing (PSPB)
E-Publishing Tools
E-Publishing Tools
Fall 2017
Course Type
Basic Activity
Default Grading Method
Letter Grade

PSPB 6251; and PSPB 6255 or PSPB 6256


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Practical experience with popular e-publishing tools. Builds upon material covered in PSPB 6255 and assumes basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and XML.
At the conclusion of the course students will:

- Understand tradeoffs between proprietary systems and standards-based systems for creating e-publications.
- Understand the range of software for creating and managing e-publications
- Have the ability to create basic layouts for print books, magazines and e-books
- Understand how to create accessible publications
- Have experience with workflow systems
- Understand the role and operation of a Digital Asset Management System
- Understand the role of XML in publishing workflows
- Learn about the application of CSS to e-books
- Apply design standards for typography
- Be able to create fixed layout and re-flowable publications
- Understand the process and choices in creating print publications
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