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PUBH 6060 : MPH@GW Culminating Experience I
Milken Institute School of Public Health
Public Health (PUBH)
MPH@GW Culminating Experience II
Fall 2017
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Discussion Group
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MPH@GW students
PUBH 6001, PUBH 6002, PUBH 6003, PUBH 6004, PUBH 6006 and PUBH 6007
PUBH 6060 - MPH@GW Culminating Experience I
PUBH 6014 - Practicum


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Students integrate and apply the skills, knowledge, theories, principles and methods of public health practice to a public health issue. Corequisites: PUBH 6014 and PUBH 6060.
• Integrate knowledge, skills, and public health theory/practice gained from academic program through an independently designed culminating project.
• Design a culminating experience that will highlight proficiencies in core public health domains, including community needs assessments; program planning, monitoring, and evaluation; prevention and education intervention design; marketing and communication campaigns, and other areas of public health practice.
• Demonstrate mastery in research methods (qualitative, quantitative, and/or mixed methods) through a critical analysis of research, project design and/or data analysis.
• Communicate mastery of the concentration competencies and ASPH competencies in a professional presentation.
• Demonstrate the ability to synthesize and integrate knowledge from course work, literature review, and community-based activities in a written final culminating experience report.
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The Culminating Experience is already a part of the MPH program. The MPH@GW program has broken out the 2 credit CE course to 2 separate, 1 credit each courses, to be offered consecutively (i.e- fall/spring or spring 1/spring 2) PUBH 6061 and PUBH 6062 fulfill the required two part CE.
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