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Viewing: IDIS 8306 : Using Media to Share Health Information: An Introduction

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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Interdisciplinary (IDIS)
Using Media to Share Health Information: An Introduction
Using Media for Health Info
Spring 2017
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Media pervades today’s society and medical students need to learn how to utilize the various mediums for their professional advantage. Video can be an effective tool for communicating health information, while social media and the news media can serve as avenues for both health education and video promotion. Learning best practices for these mediums can increase the impact of the information and enhance the role of medical students and health professionals in the community.
Use system resources available to patients and communities for health education, treatment, and rehabilitation of medical and psychiatric conditions.
Interpret information about the health of patient populations and communities to identify needs and plan appropriate interventions in support of population health.
Employ opportunities for early intervention to educate patients about disease prevention taking into account barriers to change.

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