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Viewing: NURS 6252 : Family Nurse Practitioner III for Nurse Practitioners: Lifespan Primary Care Diagnosis Management

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Family Nurse Practitioner III for Nurse Practitioners: Lifespan Primary Care Diagnosis Management
FNP III Lifespan PC Diag Mgmt
Fall 2017
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NURS 6251
NURS 6227 - Family Nurse Practitioner Clinical Practicum


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Third theory course for family nurse practitioner students nationally certified in another APRN population; common acute and chronic problems across the lifespan; professional issues, role development, certification, ethical issues in practice, inter-professional collaboration, and health care reimbursement issues. Corequisite: NURS 6227.
1. Discuss how to elicit and document health histories for patients across the lifespan for acute and chronic conditions as well as health maintenance activities.
2. Describe how to perform and document comprehensive physical examinations on patients across the lifespan, including screening examinations appropriate for age and developmental stage. Discuss normal from abnormal changes across the lifespan.
3. Describe how to perform and document symptom-specific examinations for patients across the lifespan, including testing for individual conditions specific to disease processes based on patients’ physical findings and presentation.
4. Discuss how to identify risk factors for patients and families, related to physical health and psychosocial risk factors, and identify plans or interventions to prevent disease, promote health, and modify risks.
5. Discuss how to synthesize data collected from the patient encounter, preceptor’s input and evidenced based clinical practice guidelines when developing and implementing the diagnostic management plan using cost-effective diagnostic tools.
6. Describe how to formulate a comprehensive list of differential diagnoses using course content, literature, patient presentation, and preceptor assistance as needed. Discuss how to make appropriate clinical decisions for the management, referral and consultation as needed for acute and chronic conditions.
7. Describe how to develop a pharmacologic plan specific to condition, patient population, and potential adverse effects for patients across the lifespan.
8. Develop patient education plans specific to patients’ and families’ needs related to acute and chronic conditions, appropriate for age, developmental stage, and cultural beliefs of the patient and family.
9. Describe the different advanced practice and medical specialties and explain how to collaboration and refer patients as necessary to ensure quality healthcare is delivered to all individuals.
10. Discuss state and federal legislative issues that affect NP practice and apply the appropriate principles and laws to individual practice.
11. Describe ethical and medical-legal principles at the forefront of healthcare and be able to discuss how they affect NP practice.
12. Describe and discuss the merits of complimentary modalities available to nurse practitioners and how they may be utilized when delivering healthcare to patients across the lifespan.
13. Explain how to individualize and mange care of patients with alternative belief lifestyles and intervene when expected to assist those with addictions and living in abusive situations.
14. Estimate your professional worth and utilize the skills necessary to negotiate a NP position in a desirable practice, become nationally certified, obtain licensure and comply by credentialing standards when starting and working as a professional Family Nurse Practitioner.
15. Describe Nurse Practitioner Professional practice in terms of national certification, licensure and credentialing.
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