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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Health Policy and Management (HPM)
Population and Community Health Analytics
Popultn & Comm Hlth Analytics
Fall 2017
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students in the MHIA@GW program
HSML 6264, HSML 6265 and HSML 6290

Jeff Levi
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Concepts of population and community health; informatics and analytics for assessing population health; and best approaches to using and communicating population and community health data for decision makers and policy makers.
• Define and assess the population health needs of a community or a population using existing public health and health care data systems, including using data to identify and point to solutions regarding health inequities.
• Describe for decision makers in health systems and policy makers in government the policy and financial incentives to address population and community health to improve health outcomes
• Communicate between public health, health care and social services systems regarding population health needs in a community
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