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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Romance, German and Slavic Languages and Literature (RGSL)
Studies in Latinx Cultural Production
Latinx Cultural Production
Fall 2017
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SPAN 3100 or equivalent with permission of the instructor
ENGL 3920 or AMST 2750W
M. Cuellar
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The cultural production of Latina/o (“Latinx”) communities in the United States from the comparative perspective of Latin America and Spain. How a variety of linguistic, social, political, and intellectual experiences are reflected in the literary and cultural production of Latinx communities. The notion of Latinx and its application as an analytical framework. Taught in Spanish.
At the end of this course students should be able to:

❖ Understand and apply the notion of “Latinx” as an analytical category to examine
contemporary Latinx cultural production

❖ Critically engage with a variety of cultural texts, literary or otherwise, and present in formal
academic Spanish both orally and in writing, thereby improving their linguistic skills in

❖ Develop a bilingual and biliteracy competency in Spanish and English

❖ Participate in GW’s celebration of César Chávez fostering civic engagement

❖ Assess and address current issues affecting local Latinx communities in the area and capture
some of the responses from said communities through a digital storytelling project

❖ Produce a final research project engaging key concepts discussed in class assessing the
current limits and potentialities
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This is the first of its kind taught in Spanish. It is part of a larger cross-disciplinary effort in the humanities and social sciences to engage with the cultural production of Latino communities in the US and the Washington, DC metro area. Other courses on this topic are taught from within the US perspective (English, American Studies, and US History). This course will add a comparative perspective from Latin America and Spain.
Course Attribute
CCAS - History US
ESIA-LatAm Conc (2010)

echacko (Fri, 03 Mar 2017 21:48:58 GMT): Since this is a new course, there is no need to consider attributes it might have received in the past.
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