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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Integrated Health Sciences (IHS)
Basic Scientific Information
Basic Scientific Information
Spring 2017
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This consolidated course introduces the student to comprehensive medical terminology and its application to pathology. Emphasis is placed on word roots, prefixes, suffixes, spelling and analysis of unfamiliar terms. The importance of basic cellular organization and how those structures and processes contribute to tissue function are also emphasized. Students are introduced to basic chemistry vocabulary and concepts such as molecules and molecular compounds, ions and ionic compounds, chemical reaction types, atomic and molecular weights, the periodic table, and nomenclature, electronic structure of atoms, simple periodic properties of the elements, chemical bonding, acids and bases. The microscopy principles include the Kohler illumination, operation, function and maintenance of a compound light microscope and its
Students will acquire a comprehensive understanding of medical terminology, terms and principles of chemistry and cellular organization. Acquire comprehensive knowledge on the function, operation, and maintenance of a light compound microscope.
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