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CDM 4091 : Digital Media Design Thesis II
Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Corcoran School of the Arts and Design (CCAD)
Digital Media Design Thesis I
Digital Media Design Thesis I
Fall 2015
Course Type
Studio Course
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Letter Grade
BFA in digital media design candidates
CDM 3091


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The senior thesis project includes conducting research, writing a thesis paper, interviewing a motion designer or animation professional, writing a script, and designing a thesis animation. Discussion and critique of motion design and animation's role in contemporary culture, commerce, and social identity. This is the culminating project for the B.F.A. in digital media design.
Learning Outcomes - Fluency in working with project criteria and client objectives for motion design/animation projects. - Fluency/mastery in creating a thesis and research document. - Fluency/mastery in design analysis, and creating a point of view for a selected topic in the field of motion design/animation. - Mastery in critical design thinking, processes, production, and application. - Mastery in oral communication in small informal groups and large formal presentations. - Mastery in using the design vocabulary/terminology to communicate to peers and faculty. - Mastery in the motion design/animation critique process. - Mastery in the motion design/animation process, project workflow, and time management. - Mastery in formal design presentation—both visual and verbal. - Mastery in precise hand and digital craft skills

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