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Naval Science (NSC)
Naval Science Leadership Seminar
Naval Science Leadership Semnr
Spring 2017
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Professional development for Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) midshipmen in areas not covered in formal Naval Science courses. NROTC students are required to register in each semester of their enrollment at GW.
. Upon conclusion of this course, students will:

1. Know Navy and Marine Corps uniform regulations, demonstrate proper uniform wear and military grooming standards, and demonstrate personnel inspection procedures.
2. Know basic Navy terminology and professional nomenclature, demonstrate military courtesies such as saluting, introductions, and forms of address, know basic shipboard etiquette, flag etiquette, and know social customs and basic protocol for formal and informal functions to include receiving lines, dining outs, mess night, and the Navy/USMC birthday ball.
3. Demonstrate, by personal example, the professional attributes and behaviors of a Naval Officer, including the ability to communicate effectively through oral and written communication.
4. Comprehend current Navy or Marine Corps regulations, policies, and programs relative to fitness and wellness issues including:
a. Navy or Marine Corps physical fitness testing standards.
b. Fundamental swimming skills.
c. Substance and alcohol abuse prevention and detection, including urinalysis testing programs, treatment, and consequences.
d. Physical readiness, nutrition, and weight control.
e. Operational Stress Control.
f. Suicide Prevention.
g. Athletics, recreational, and off-duty safety.
5. Know the requirements for watchstanding, and be able to demonstrate a proper watch relief and the requirements, procedures, and format for keeping logs.
6. Know basic administrative responsibilities of an officer including personnel administrative actions with regard to officer and enlisted service records, performance evaluations, advancement recommendations, promotions and selection board procedures.
7. Know basic requirements and procedures for proper handling and disclosure of classified material, consequences for inadvertent disclosure, and consequences for violation of the espionage laws
8. Know the following Navy programs and policies:
a. Equal opportunity policies
b. Prevention of sexual harassment, fraternization, and hazing.
c. Sexual Assault Prevention and Response and Bystander Intervention.
d. Navy programs and policies on diversity and inclusion.
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