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School of Nursing
Nursing (NURS)
Influencing Health Care Legislative Policy
Influencing HC Legisla Policy
Fall 2017
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NURS 6285, NURS 6286 and NURS 6287


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Constituent representation and fiduciary roles and responsibilities through participation on boards and committees; preparation of briefing materials, testimony, public comments regarding proposed rules.
1) Prepare an analysis of a policy under consideration, including status within the
policymaking process and requirements for enactment.
2) Prepare a legislative briefing, analyzing a policy topic relevant to the current legislative
session (either state or Federal) for important stakeholders.
3) Collaborate with a professional nursing organization or other stakeholder group to develop
relevant legislative briefing materials.
4) Critically analyze interactions with Hill staff and their responses to face to face and virtual
Hill visits with Federal and/or State legislators/staff on a pending legislative health issue to
modify one’s own level of preparation for such visits.
5) Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of at least one health policy media event in which
the student actively engaged.
6) Analyze the impact upon stakeholders and their policy agenda of at least one observed
national or state board of directors meeting (professional organization or other).
7) Synthesize the strategies gained from interviews of at least two members of different
health policy Boards of Directors to inform one’s own interaction on a future board.

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Key: 10661