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School of Nursing
Nursing (NURS)
Influencing Health Care Regulatory Policy
Influencing HealthCare Regulat
Fall 2017
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NURS 6285 and NURS 6286


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Analysis of rulemaking and regulatory processes that have an impact on health-related issues; workforce scopes of practice; public safety; and roles and influence of federal agencies and private organizations charged with implementing legislation.
1) Compare and contrast passed legislative language with proposed or final rules enforcing
implementation of a law.
2) Prepare an analysis of one or more proposed federal rules with implications for nurses,
other health professionals, and consumers.
3) Prepare written public comment for submission regarding one or more proposed federal
rules to include substantial rationale.
4) Develop written/oral testimony for one or more local, state or federal hearings on a health
related policy issue.
5) Prepare analysis of a relevant final health rule to be shared with colleagues that includes
implications for nursing practice, consumers and other relevant stakeholders.
6) Apply knowledge of the appointments process and appropriate board representative
behavior to gain a seat in a committee or board and engage in decision-making/policy/
regulatory change.
7) Develop evidence-based contributions to engage meaningfully in a health policy blog.

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