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Viewing: NURS 6287 : Policy and Politics of Health Care Financing and Reimbursement

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School of Nursing
Nursing (NURS)
Policy and Politics of Health Care Financing and Reimbursement
Poltics Financing and Reimburs
Fall 2017
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NURS 6285 and NURS 6286


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Perspectives on health care financing and reimbursement; the role of health professionals; direct and indirect influences of current health policies and reimbursement on cost, quality, access, and patient experience of care.
1) Analyze and contrast common financing and reimbursement models in health care (both
within and outside the U.S.).
2) Apply lessons learned from past and present health care financing models to current and
proposed new models of financing and reimbursement to identify how different policies
have or are likely to impact the quality and cost of care and patient experience.
3) Articulate how volume and complexity of services provided, quality of care, physician and
nursing compensation, and workforce issues are influenced by financing and
reimbursement policies.
4) Discuss the relationship between quality of care measurement and various types of
5) Analyze at least one piece of currently proposed legislation using knowledge of financial
and reimbursement models.
6) Develop recommendations for change based on analysis of a current health care
financing or reimbursement model.

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