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School of Nursing
Nursing (NURS)
Problem Analysis and Health Policy Formulation
Analysis and Policy Formation
Fall 2017
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Major health problems in the United States from within the framework of policy analysis; problem identification, agenda setting, policymaking, budgeting, implementation, and evaluation.
1. Apply knowledge of policy structure and process to examine significant political
healthcare issues.
2. Discuss how major stakeholders at multiple levels of government, including
advocacy groups, view significant political healthcare issues.
3. Complete an environmental scan of current political and policy perspectives on a
relevant health care problem.
4. Utilize a policy analysis framework to examine a health care problem occurring at
the state, federal or institutional level.
5. Utilize a policy process framework to examine a healthcare problem requiring an
interdisciplinary approach.
6. Apply an evidence-based approach to develop a policy brief for decision makers.
7. Employ e-tools such as social media as an approach to consensus building in the
policy process.

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