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School of Nursing
Nursing (NURS)
Overview of Health Care Policy
Overview of Health Care Policy
Fall 2017
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Federal, state, and local legislative, regulatory, electoral, and judicial structures and processes; applications to health care problem identification, policy decision making and implementation.
1) Analyze the policy structures and processes related to health at the federal, state and local
2) Provide examples of whom, when and how private sector entities both directly make
policy decisions and strongly influence public policy.
3) Articulate the complex interface between politics, policy and the financing of health care.
4) Articulate multiple opportunities for effective, useful input by nurses and other health
disciplines into regulatory and legislative processes at the state and federal levels.
5) Explain the roles, purpose, and importance of judicial, legislative and executive branches
in making and influencing policy at the federal, state and local level.
6) Develop well-reasoned input intended to influence state regulatory, legislative and judicial
policy based on critical analysis of an issue.
7) Demonstrate support for, and active participation in, one or more grassroots policy
initiatives in one’s own community.
8) Utilize media, such as social media, infographics or other educational materials, to educate
and influence decision makers regarding a local health practice problem.
9) Utilize methods such as letter campaigns and face-to-face visits with state or federal
legislators (senator or representative) or community leaders to support a change in health
care practice or policy.

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