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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
History (HIST)
Alexander The Great
Alexander The Great
Fall 2017
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CLAS 3117 - Alexander The Great
AH 3101 or HIST 2112

Diane Cline
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Close reading of ancient primary sources reveal the complex personality and remarkable deeds of Alexander the Great (356-323 BCE); the nature of Alexander’s military success, lasting effects of his conquests, and long-term impact on the varied people and lands of his empire.
1. demonstrate knowledge of major historical, political, and social figures, events, and issues for the

historical period from 358-323 BC.

2. orally converse and comment knowledgeably on specific episodes in the history of Philip II and


3. locate and evaluate information about the ancient world in both traditional and digital forms and

present their findings in clear and logical oral and written forms.

4. evaluate and write critically concerning the above.

5. relate events from ancient history to political and social parallels in the modern world.

6. gain an appreciation for the cultural heritage and continuity of occupation of land in Greece, the

Middle East, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan by following Alexander’s journeys.

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CCAS - History Pre-1750
CLAS 3117 is also going to be a proposed course to be cross listed with this one.
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