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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Corcoran School of the Arts and Design (CCAD)
Time and Light
Time and Light
Fall 2017
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Studio Course
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Material fee covers the cost of chemicals, inks, and paper.

Technical applications of lens and non-lens based dark-room photographic processes; video recording and editing; field and experimental audio recording, and outdoor projection; the roles of time-based media in contemporary art and design practice. Required for first-year BFA majors.
• Demonstrate comfortable and confident use of analog photography materials and chemicals as well as the ability to utilize unique materials to complete a project.
• Demonstrate understanding of digital images. Apply basic digital imaging and retouching skills
• Demonstrate ability to bridge analog/digital forms gap to create a final work.
• Produce videos utilizing basic non-linear video and audio editing.
• Develop a practice of translating ideas, concepts and themes into time and light based projects.
• Analyze topics for projects and apply processes of research in pursuit of visual art and design problem solving.
• Apply effective strategies for constructive criticism through participation in individual and group critiques.
• Demonstrate ability to utilize and manage time, set expectations and define priorities through the management and successful completion of several multi-step projects.
• Create works of art involving improvisation and spontaneity in problem solving and understanding of the iterative nature of art making through seeing and participating in individual studio practice.
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There is a resemblance to introductory photo courses (CPH 1090 and FA 1501) however, this course is part one of the four course foundations sequence intended primarily for BFA majors and serious BA majors in their first year of study. The level differs from and is more intensive than the media specific introductory studio courses and coordinates with CFN 1091, 1092, and 1093.
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Change made to the grading scale as requested by the committee

Course three in a proposed four-course foundations sequence. The mission of the First Year Studio program is to provide an intellectually and artistically rigorous studio-based foundation in the core aspects of art and design relevant to all of the disciplines. The four course sequence seeks to foster in students an enthusiasm for the hard work of making and a grounding in skills that will serve as a basis for their study. Finally, the First Year studios seek to establish connections between students across majors and create a platform for the sharing of ideas and practices across the School.

FALL: CFN 1090 Drawing and Surface CFN 1091 Form and Materials
SPRING: CFN 1092 Time and Light CFN 1092 Interaction
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