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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Religion (REL)
Introduction to Chinese Religions
Intro to Chinese Religions
Fall 2017
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EALL 2802 - Introduction to Chinese Religions


Xiaofei Kang
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General introduction to Chinese religions focusing on religious doctrines and institutions; religious practices, including ancestor worship, family and communal rituals, spirit possession, fengshui theories, pilgrimage, popular worship of ghosts and gods.
As a result of completing this course, students will learn to:
1. Obtain a basic knowledge of some key aspects of Chinese religious symbols, rituals, and practices.
2. Be able to develop oral communication skills through presenting their critical understanding of the texts and contexts and to engage their classroom peers.
3. Be able to understand, interpret and contextualize the primary sources and secondary scholarship and write critical analysis of them.
4. Be able to make critical and cross-cultural analysis of the definitions of “religion” in light of the Chinese context.
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This is the Religion department's first and only introductory Chinese Religions course.
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Please cross-list with a new course also currently being proposed, EALL 2802.

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