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College of Professional Studies
Political Management (PMGT)
Cultural Aspects of Global Engagement
Cultural Aspects Global Engage
Fall 2017
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PSAD 6250 - Cultural Aspects of Global Engagement
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Understanding multicultural communities and diverse institutions, customs, and practices; effective and ethical public engagement on behalf of global organizations; communicating issues and commitments to diverse audiences and the general market; engagement strategies and techniques.
1. Understand how judgments or assumptions about people from different cultures are made and what impact they have on building relationships
2. Research cultural aspects needed to understand decision-making in a region or a nation-state
3. Recognize the verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication and how they are received in regions or nation-states
4. Understand the decision-making frames of other cultures
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This course is replacing PSAD 6250 because the M.P.S. in Advocacy in the Global Environment program is being phased out. It will be offered as an elective in the Political Management M.P.S. program.
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