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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Theatre and Dance (TRDA)
Production Design Practicum
Production Design Practicum
Fall 2017
Course Type
Default Grading Method
Letter Grade
MFA production design students or permission of the instructor


Carl Gudenius
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to cover maintenance cost of TRDA laboratory spaces.

Guided advanced individual laboratory training and experience; planning and executing complex production assignments with an emphasis on the management of subordinate crew. MFA production design candidates enroll in this course each semester of their program.
1. Demonstrate understanding of specialized technology and theory as it applies to theatre in the area of focus for this specific assignment.
2. Demonstrate (through guided exercises) the ability to plan, prepare, and organize in a specific, assigned area of theatrical production.
3. Demonstrate the ability to manage assigned subordinate staff
4. Demonstrate the ability to access and evaluate personal experience in a technical area of a theatrical production.
5. Contribute to the successful implementation of primary department productions by engaging in learning both within and outside selected discipline(s), collaboratively and individually.
This graded laboratory course brings the MFA Production Design Program into NASAD complience
Course Attribute
CCAS - Theatre-Design & Tech
This course formalizes the current ungraded, practical laboratory experience to bring the MFA Production Design program into compliance with NASAD requirements.

11/28/2016 - Revised Syllabus as per CCAS uploaded by TRDA
jbb (Sat, 19 Nov 2016 22:53:19 GMT): Rollback: The Middle States Commission on Higher Education now requires that all syllabi include average minimum amount of out-of-class or independent learning expected per week. Consult template uploaded with syllabus. For more detail see Because you didn't have enough to do already.
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