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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Anthropology (ANTH)
Evolution of Primate Life Histories
Evolutn Primate Life Histories
Fall 2017
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ANTH 1001


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Human and non-human primate life histories and their evolution; factors such as body size, brain size, fertility, and life span. Features of modern human life histories, proposed explanations for them, and pertinent fossil evidence.
(1) Explain theoretical and conceptual foundations for the study of primate life history evolution, as well as relationships between life history attributes, growth and development, and socioecology;
(2) Apply evolutionary theory to explain diversity in primate life histories;
(3) Explain the unique features of modern human life history, examples of how modern human life histories vary, and the basic empirical evidence for human life history evolution;
(4) Present, discuss and critically evaluate theoretical arguments and empirical evidence in the primary scientific literature on topics relevant to life history evolution, and consider how these findings are interpreted and communicated by the media to the public;
(5) Synthesize and use knowledge gained in this course to explore in more depth a chosen research question of relevance to primate life history research, and critically evaluate the empirical evidence and theoretical arguments surrounding this question in the form of a comprehensive literature review and class presentation.

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