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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Health Policy and Management (HPM)
Prescription Drugs: Policy and Public Health
Prescription Drugs Policy&PUBH
Spring 2017
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Key policies and public health programs related to each stage of a prescription drug’s life cycle; Congressional funding focused on speeding the development and approval of needed drugs, public and private approaches to increase access to prescription drugs, and exceptions to international laws that allow some countries to violate prescription drug patents to improve the health of impoverished citizens.
• Identify the major public health challenges associated with prescription drugs and develop / apply public and private sector approaches to addressing these problems using the best evidence available.
• Utilize academic and private sector research to analyze the potential effectiveness of various policy and programmatic options for addressing public health challenges arising from prescription drugs.
• Develop and present oral arguments in support of a policy position relevant to a prescription drug public health issue.
• Write a letter to the editor offering constructive feedback on a public health issue relevant to prescription drugs.
• Write an op-ed article describing an innovative approach to better address a key prescription drug public health issue using best practice op-ed writing approaches.
• Write a public comment for a federal regulation relevant to prescription drugs.
• Write an academic journal perspective or commentary article and submit the article to a journal for potential publication.
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