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School of Nursing
Nursing (NURS)
Introduction to Perioperative Nursing
Intro to Perioperative Nursing
Fall 2017
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The role of and fundamental knowledge, skills, and competencies needed by the perioperative nurse.
1. Understand the theoretical principles applicable to perioperative nursing.
2. Describe the scope and standards of AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice.
3. Explain the roles of perioperative care providers, with a focus on the Nurse Circulator.
4. Examine legal-ethical issues relevant to the perioperative nurse.
5. Demonstrate knowledge regarding the principles of effective collaboration and teamwork with colleagues in other professional disciplines.
6. Demonstrate the application of core perioperative safety standards in order to deliver safe patient care within a perioperative environment.
7. Demonstrate core nursing principles, skills, assessment techniques and the nursing process in the three phases of the patient’s surgical experience.
8. Apply infection prevention strategies in sterile and non-sterile fields.

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