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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Clinical Research and Leadership (CRL)
Project Management and Leadership Capstone
Project Mgt/Leadership Capston
Summer 2017
Course Type
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students in the health sciences program or with the instructor's permission
EHS 2160 and EHS 3101
completion of EHS 3107, EHS 4103, and EHS 4105

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Capstone course using challenges and opportunities encountered by emergency managers to apply and develop project management and leadership approaches.
1. Apply the theories, concepts and skills learned throughout the program to design appropriate responses to emergency and disaster scenarios.
2. Interpret appropriate leadership styles required for effective responses to various emergency situations involving diverse stakeholders, public health considerations, and interagency environments.
3. Design a project management plan appropriate for an emergency setting, including a work breakdown, activity sequence, schedule, budget, accountability matrix, and risk responses.
4. Prepare for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certifying examination through demonstrations of key work products and content knowledge.

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